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attack! titan jhs Clock


"Attack on Titan" spin-off work "attack! titan jhs Clock"appeared clock widget app!Check the time to set up the home screen! It is not essential to the smartphone in addition to the clock useful features packed!Convenient deals march! Giant junior high school widget app is free ☆◆◆ to advance to the screen! Notice the time by attack! titan junior high school clock widget! ◆◆Let's set up a "clock widget" on the home screen!
◆◆ and ◆◆ the widget to favorite characterYou can choose from the display size of 1 × 1,2 × 2. In addition, you can change the design of the clock widget from all eight. Please be healed by placing a favorite character "clock" widget to the home screen. Tap the widget and let the easy time management.
◆◆ screen brightness ◆◆The brightness of the smartphone screen (display), you can adjust the brightness.It is the brightness of the screen in every scene of the smartphone, including the standby screen. When too bright reduce the battery faster. It is better that you do not brighten more than necessary in order to improve to last longer.
◆◆ network management ◆◆Easily you can do you a network management (power management) required for the smartphone.You can perform the switching of the Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi) connection. ON in one tap, you can switch OFF.
"attack! titan junior high school clock widget "is here!1. Press the home screen length2. Tap the "widgets"Choose This app from 3. List※ different widgets on how to change depending on the model.
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◆◆ corresponding OS ◆◆AndroidOS 2.1 or more(Android4.0 or more recommended)
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